Random Drawing!

2010-10-11 01:01:08 by SirCucumber

Dedicated to my little brother who drew a drawing about Snake and Vamp when he was in 3rd grade!
I animated this in honor of him!

Random Drawing!

New Artistic Design!

2010-09-27 21:28:31 by SirCucumber

Look what I made!

I got the Idea of making some Epic Battles from matt-likes-swords! Who is an amazing artist!
I drew this and put it in my scanner! From there I just simply traced it in Adobe Flash CS4! I honestly think CS3 is kinda easier! Anyway, I copied and pasted in Photoshop and that is why it might show some low quality! :p On the Tomatoe Monster, I was gonna put some stats but forgot! So this is what I got so far!

The Swords Soul Eater and The Gun/Sword were from matt-likes-swords! I think I'll get into trouble if he finds out! :p But I doubt he will ever see just some kids Art! :D

Enjoy! :D
(hope I didn't spell anything wrong)

New Artistic Design!

Wolf Fanatic

2010-07-21 21:21:14 by SirCucumber

Lately I have been facinated by my Favorite Animal - The Wolf!

I don't know why but maybe it's from there legendary Howl!
His Howl doesn't just get my attention, but the attention of his pack!
Thier packs are about six to ten wolves large!
There packs could live from 6 to 8 years!
They are Carnivors and have 42 teeth for thier extremly dangerous hunts!
Thier extremly prowerful jaws can generate to 1,500 psi pressure!
Thier Molars can crush Bones and shear Meat!
The Wolf is an Ultimate Predetor!
The Wolf's legs can generate great power!
It allows them to run from 28 to 40 miles per hour for 20 whole minutes!

But there is a whole `nother reason why I like them, and I have got to find out!

Wolf Fanatic

Newgrounds Robot Day 2010

2010-07-10 13:08:58 by SirCucumber

Well it seems it's Robot Day on Newgrounds!
The day to celebrate all the ro(bots) that work to keep Newgrounds safe!
Such as P-Bot, A-Bot, G-Bot, M-Bot, and I-Bot!

P-Bot is the red bot who picks the daily Flash Portal winners and announces them on the front page every day, and removes unworthy submissions from the site with his BLAM cannon.

A-Bot is the green bot that sorts and ranks Audio files submitted to the Audio Portal, and picks and highlights weekly winners.

G-Bot is the golden bot that creates, validates, and ranks user accounts.

M-Bot is the blueish gray bot that assists site moderators by notifying users of bans and removals regarding forum posts and submission reviews.

I-Bot is the newest one, a blue bot who assists site moderators by notifying users of bans and removals regarding forum posts and submission reviews.

And we apreciate all of these RoBots hard work on Newgrounds, and the day it's celebrated on is on Newgrounds Robot Day 2010! Make sure to thank our RoBots!

Thank You!

Newgrounds Robot Day 2010

Homerun in Berzerk Land

2010-04-15 21:08:52 by SirCucumber

The new game, "Homerin in Berzerk Land" is out!
Wack the nerd, Comeau, to launch him as far as possible! Hit the Mouse Button when it over the White Marker! Earn points and spend them at the Store to get new gear! Level Up and Increase your Characters power! Get KILLER SHOT and POWER SHOT's to launch the Geek farther! Earn Awards (not NG Medals) and earn Shiny Diamonds!

Made by BerzerkStudio!

Homerun in Berzerk Land

Epic Battle Fantsy 2

2009-08-22 21:11:45 by SirCucumber

An amazing game with new upgrade, new enemies, and a new character will come along!
But thats not until the end and in Epic Battle Fantasy 3!
He's a slayer with a bunch of swords!
She's a mage with migical spells (also cute)!
It's a cat with no legs that collects money!
And there are funny lines that Matt and Natalie say during the battle!
Also new moves!
Helpful tips!
You can blind, stun, piosen, and seal your foes!
You can now dodge/counter!
Even learn more about your enemies!
This game is incredible!


Epic Battle Fantsy 2

These awards are hard!

2009-03-12 20:22:45 by SirCucumber

Finally, I've got plenty of awards to show off (not literally).
I win, I think?!
Who ever has more award points,
tell me.