Entry #7

Random Drawing!

2010-10-11 01:01:08 by SirCucumber

Dedicated to my little brother who drew a drawing about Snake and Vamp when he was in 3rd grade!
I animated this in honor of him!

Random Drawing!


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2010-10-11 02:35:17


SirCucumber responds:

Why hello there stranger :D


2010-10-16 05:18:09

thats cute

SirCucumber responds:

^.^ Thanks! I made it for my little brother!
I only wish he could draw better :D


2010-11-23 22:13:28

is that Squals gunblade?

SirCucumber responds:

lolz, i think so :D
My brother threw a big fat circle, so I replaced it with this :D